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Fake friction

Fake Friction is a performance that deals with the topics of the digitized world. The omnipresent, incessant struggle for attention and the development of media via social media to advertising networks form the setting for the performance.

BY AND WITH Milena Cestao Kolbowski, Wayne Götz, Valentin Schwerdfeger, Bruna Cabral ART HISTORICAL ADVICE Johanna Johnen MUSIC Bruna Cabral

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Milena Cestao Kolbowski is a German-Spanish theater maker from North Rhine-Westphalia. In 2020 she completed a choreographic assistant with Marie-Lena Kaiser. Her focus is on converting specific social issues into abstract, performative theater evenings. She is currently finishing her physical theater studies at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen.


Wayne Götz worked as a graduate physicist and was CEO of two start-ups. In 2017 he began studying physical theater at the Folkwang University of the Arts and has been working as a physical artist ever since. In his projects he combines scientific approaches with artistic thinking .

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Valentin Schwerdfeger is a German-Romanian artist from Cologne. He has been studying physical theater at the Folkwang University of the Arts since 2019. As a performer, he conducts research at the interface between the visual arts, literature and theater and examines the most diverse ways of interpersonal communication in his work.


Johanna Johnen studied art history and Romance studies at the University of Cologne. Since March 2019 she has been working in art education at the Käthe Kollwitz Museum and has been working on the dissertation project: “Punishment, Power and Femininity: The Iconography of Disease” (working title)

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Bruna Carbral is a Brazilian drummer / percussionist and composer who has lived in Germany since 2017. She completed her bachelor's degree in percussion at the UEPA in Brazil and a master's degree in professional performance - drums at the Folkwang University of the Arts. She worked in various music projects, e.g. Martin Müller & The Brazilian Trio, The Peculiars and in the music project Frappier.

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